Prairie Storm, ESMS 45 , HOA 2038

(aka Harley) Teton Thunderwolf x Restless Wind 

Stunning blue eyed dun roan gelding, born 21 April 2015.

Harley is probably one of the most unusual looking and surprising foals I've bred. Born dun, he started to change colour and getting the appaloosa traits during the last winter, ie mottled muzzle and striped feet. His eyes are quite mesmerising in that they are not pure blue but party coloured.

He is now a two year old, and we are getting an idea of his adult body. He promises to become an eye catching riding horse for the right person. And he will be tall, around 15h. 
He is very sweet natured and loyal and will appreciate an owner who is confident in their Horsemanship and kind with a sense of humour. He will want the company of at least one sensible, friendly older horse to show him the ropes in his new home.
Harley should do well in Endurance and some western disciplines, and his natural scopey movement would not look out of place in a Dressage arena either. He has also shown quite considerable jumping ability.
With him less is more. He has a high level of sensitivity and small movements during communication are quickly obeyed. He will be a wonderful partner for the person who wants a horse that responds best to lightness.
Harley is fully vaccinated, registered, passported and microchipped and ready for his new life now.



Prairie Dawn Rose, HOA 2065,

born 12 May 2016, Bay blanket appaloosa filly

Restless Wind x Teton Thunderwolf

Lovely typey filly with a good conformation and exceptional temperament.

Rosie was definitely the fearless leader of the foal gang. She likes to be friends with everyone and has been my little mate since birth. She is very level headed and wise well beyond her age. She looks to become very tall like her half sister Sunshine 15 h. 
Her breeding suggests she will be suitable for western, Endurance and dressage.

Please note:

Rosie has very sensitive skin, possibly due to her colour change, and has suffered with fly irritation and sweet itch this year. Future owners need to be aware and make provisions for the fly season.

Sold - Congratulations Karen P. , Cheshire 


Mato Cikala - SMR, HOA, ESMS

(Brego x Restless Wind)  dk bay gelding, born 17/6/2007

Bloo has quite the story to tell. He left us here in 2009 and has passed through several homes since then. None of it his fault. I know most of his previous owners personally and he has just been extremely unlucky with the circumstances.

He came back here in September 2016 and has been finding his Mustang nature again, which he lost somewhere along the way. 

Here is my assessment, warts and all...

Bloo has been a joy to have around and I am in awe of how good he is to load, ride and how he so aims to please ALL the time. He loads like a dream, hacks out brilliantly in company and very good alone with a confident rider. He is good in traffic and was awesome at a recent pleasure ride with lots of other horses around.

He craves company and blossoms in a herd. He can NOT be kept alone or locked in a stable all the time. In the herd he likes to take charge and once he has asserted himself, rules firm but fairly fair.

He was psychologically scarred from all his moves and loves and losses, so this really has to be the final time for him. I consider him healed and happy, but it took some time for him to settle and will again after a move. So his final owners will have to allow for that and give him the time and opportunity to do that. 

He has a lot to offer the right person... he is just a big Teddy Bear ( his name is Lakota for Little Bear) and he deserves to be happy.

His prospective final owners must fulfill certain criteria  to be considered:

  • Offer him a home for life, no matter what 
  • provide company for him 24/7, 365 and ideally keep him in a natural herd environment
  • Give him a purpose in life

He is a safe, fun ride and would be suitable for Western, Riding Club, Pleasure Rides, Happy Hacking or Endurance.

I would invite any interested party to come and try him out on a hack in Thetford Forest. 

Sold - Congratulations Em F., UK

Prairie Sunshine ESMS 40, HOA 1949

(Brego x Restless Wind) Bay Dun Overo mare, born 29/5/2011

Sunshine has been just that here. A ray of Sunshine! It is with a real sense of grief I am putting her up for sale. She is literally the sacrifice to keep the herd and the preservation effort going.

She has had two outstanding foals, and is now open and ready to start her ridden career. She moves extremely fluidly and has in the past shown some aptitude for jumping. I recently measured her at 14'3h. 

She is funny, cheeky and affectionate. A great babysitter. Her eyes and facial expressions never leave you in any doubt about her opinion of things.

We have recently explored a bit of ground training,trailer loading and the saddle and bridle together and she took everything in her stride.

She has no vices, and doesn't bite or kick.

She is my best horse!

She would do best in a herd environment, with lots of company and a natural setting.

SOLD - Congratulations Katja Z. at Spanish Mustangs Germany

Pricing and smallprint : Prices start at £2500 at weaning and increase with age and training. Very special or unusual horses will demand an accordingly higher price. All horses must be fully paid for before leaving and a horse is only reserved upon receipt of a deposit.

All horses are sold HOA registered, with a passport, microchip, vaccinations and up to date with worming and trimming.

In order to preserve the positive experience of the sale/purchase, we prefer not to agree to payment installments, but for the buyer to arrange a loan with their financial institution instead.

We are happy for the horse to remain here for an agreed period of time before travel, however would appreciate a contribution to the upkeep if the period exceeds 4 weeks.


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