2021 Foals for Sale

Comanche Starsinger,  HOA

aka LaLa, (Wanbli Iyan x Kokos Comanche Star )grulla overo (poss.black?) Filly born 9April 2021
Gregarious, smart Filly. Fabulous temperament and a joy to be around. Will make a good size.

Available early 2022

 Deposit Secures


Shawnee Arrow, HOA

aka Arrow. (Lakota Firespirit x Wanbli Iyan) Bay dun medicine hat colt, born 8 May 2021. This little guy is an absolute joy. Laid back, smart war horse of old. He will be tall.
Available early 2022
Reserved, Sale Pending


Teton Storm, HOA

aka Stormy ( Mankato Cloudwalker xTeton Magic) red dunalino/sabino Filly, born 5 May 2021.

Very sweet gentle soul. Will make a nice ride for a small adult or a great addition to a breeding project with her heritage of coveted old bloodlines.

Reserved, Sale pending



Kiowa Thunderheart, HOA

aka Annie, (Wanbli Iyan x A Taste of Honey)

Grulla overo filly, born 24 June 2021. Delicate, graceful filly with brains and determination. Very self aware even at a young age. Loves attention and butt scratches are just the best thing ever!

She will be ready for her new home early 2022.

Reserved - Sale pending


Youngstock for Sale:

Mahkato Sapa

aka Ellen. (Prairie Breeze x Wanbli Iyan) Black (LP??) Spanish Mustang filly,
HOA & SMR eligible. Born 22 August 2020.
This little girl is perfection and embodies all the traits I have been breeding for, good conformation, excellent temperament and a good size.
Ellen is an elegant filly and will be able to turn her hoof to pretty much anything. I can see her excelling at dressage or endurance rather than jumping or barrel racing though.
As well as being a good potential riding horse, she would be a real catch for any breeding program. The Troubleshooter line features heavily on her dam's side.
With the correct balanced feeding regime, she should reach 14.3 or 15 hands.
It really pains me to let this filly go, but as I've retained her full brother, and her sire lives here, too, it would be problematic to keep her. She will need to continue growing up in a herd environment.
Excellent lifetime home for this one only. Ready for her new home now.
Please contact us for more details and Price.


Comanche Love

aka Jaxi (Kokos Comanche Star x Scotty's Warrior Buck) . HOA & SSMA eligible.

Bay Choctaw strain Spanish Mustang filly, born 4 August 2019. The Choctaw strain is an exceedingly rare line of Spanish Mustangs and are part of a dedicated preservation breeding program.
Jaxi will need a very experienced home with an understanding of natural Horsemanship principles.
She is going through a phase whereby she can be wary of strangers (especially the vet!) and will need to be handled with patience and kindness.
I can do anything with her, halter, lead, foot trim, worming, none of it is a problem, and that will be the same with her new chosen person once she knows and trusts them. However a vet or farrier may well be a whole different story...
She will be tall, 14.2 or 3 and will make a good riding horse for endurance, western, possibly eventing.
She loves foals and other horses generally, but can be bossy. She is quite keen around food and will sometimes try to bully weaker horses, so that needs to be addressed. She is at an age where she is trying to find her place in the herd and she is quite determined not to be at the bottom.
She will benefit from older, calm and no nonsense leadership in a herd.
At her age she definitely will need to go into a herd environment and live out with company. Jaxi is ready for a new home now.
Please contact us for more details and Price.

Kiowa Blaze, HOA

aka KayBee. ( Blazing Guns x A Taste of Honey)

Classic Champagne yearling filly.(A rare find within the breed!) A sweetheart and easy to do in every way. Can be quite resourceful when she has set her mind on something! I was retaining this filly for breeding, but health is forcing me to reduce numbers,hence very reluctant sale. Needs to live in a herd environment with free access to grazing at least during her growing phase. Suitable for small adult, as she will be average height of the breed standard (14.1). New bloodline in the EU, so great breeding prospect. The pictures don't do her justice, so please feel free to request video, etc.

Available for her new home now.

Mankato Cloudwalker, HOA

(aka Tiny) ( Wanbli Iyan x Prairie Breeze ) Blanket LP gelding (recently), born November 2018. Playful, elegant and friendly. He will make between 14 and 14.2 h. Suitable for small adult for endurance, polo, polocross, pony racing, pony club, etc. Tiny was being retained as a stallion prospect and has sired one magnificent foal out of Teton Magic

.Available now.

Lakota Firespirit, HOA

 aka Josie. (Adena X Teton Thunderwolf) 5 year old bay dun mare. Lovely temperament, Fabulous mover and tall and substantial for a mare.
Josie is untrained, but good with vet and farrier and lovely to handle. Will do well at western, endurance, dressage. Needs to be kept on poor grass or track system.

Reserved, Sale pending




Broodmares for Sale:

Teton Magic, SMR, HOA, ESMS

Sundowner x Utah Belle, 2003 Dunalino mare, born on the Cayuse in the USA.

Teton is a very good mother and has produced some stunning offspring, mostly very big,typey colts. She is not a pocket pony though, and is quite standoffish. She has a home here for life, however we would consider a sale to a breeder who would like to incorporate her amazing bloodlines into their breeding program, and would then be prepared to give her the wonderful retirement she deserves.

Currently in foal to first time stallion Mankato Cloudwalker



Restless Wind, SMR, HOA, ESMS

Troubleshooter x Seminole Wind, 2002 varnish roan LP

Restless Wind is an awesome mare, and it pains me that I am unable to breed her to my old or up and coming stallion. She carries LWO, as well as LP, which allowed her to produce some amazing offspring. She consistently produces horses of a good size and perfect conformation, and her offspring have gone on to be fabulous riding horses. I have ridden Restless myself and she is a very smooth ride. She also spent 2 weeks with Guy Robertson, however she is a true one man horse, and her trust has to be earned, before one could think of getting on board.

She is reluctantly for sale, due to not having the right stallion for her, but again, only to the right home, where she can either be bred, or gently ridden by one person, otherwise she also has a home for life here as a superb nanny horse.






We are expecting 6 foals in 2021, which will be for sale.

  • Kokos Comanche Star x Wanbli Iyan , expected April 2021
  • Lakota Firespirit x Wanbli Iyan , expected April 2021
  • Teton Magic x Mankato Cloudwalker expected May 2021
  • A Taste of Honey x Wanbli Iyan expected July 2021
  • Adena x Wanbli Iyan expected July 2021
  • Prairie Breeze x Wanbli Iyan expected August 2021

we are happy to put you on a list for one of these foals.



Pricing and smallprint : Prices start at £3500 at weaning and increase with age and training. Very special or unusual horses will demand an accordingly higher price. All horses must be fully paid for before leaving and a horse is only reserved upon receipt of a deposit.

All horses are sold HOA registered, with a passport, microchip, vaccinations and up to date with worming and trimming.

In order to preserve the positive experience of the sale/purchase, we prefer not to agree to payment installments, but for the buyer to arrange a loan with their financial institution instead.

We are happy for the horse to remain here for an agreed period of time before travel, however would appreciate a contribution to the upkeep if the period exceeds 4 weeks.


To contact us about the above horses for sale, please fill in the contact form below, or call/text ++44(0)7713456172


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