Custom made 100% mohair girths and cinches - NOT CURRENTLY TAKING ORDERS

 I am now happy to offer custom made mohair cinches and English & dressage girths for sale.

Having owned a mohair girth for many years and ridden many many miles with it, I know from my own experience how durable and kind to the horse they are.

Mohair is breathable, non-slip, and doesn't rub. It is easy to clean by either just rinsing with cold or luke-warm water or, if very dirty, agitating with a little wool soap. It should then be dried flat on a towel or similar.

All girths and cinches I make are hand tied, and all loose ends are buried within the cinch, without knotting or gluing, unlike some of the cheaper mass produced girths and cinches. The delivery time is currently around four weeks, as the cord and hardware have to be ordered from the USA.

If ordering for Christmas or as a gift, please allow plenty of time.


Here are some examples of the cinches, with more to follow:

To order your custom cinch:

  1. Choose the length
  2. western, english, dressage, or endurance (endurance comes with D rings, buckle protectors and strap keepers, brass name plate optional)
  3. choose a main base colour for the strands
  4. choose one, two or even three accent colours
  5. choose your hard ware, stainless steel, or brass, D rings?
  6. choose a design 
  7. go to the buy now paypal button and enter your choices and pay. 

I will be in touch to confirm your order and to update you on when your cinch cord arrives and the date of delivery.

Prices are all inclusive of VAT and include delivery.

Western Cinches - £250.00

Any length, Brass hardware as standard.

Up to three accent colours.

Designs:  Diamonds, Navajo, Rectangles

Offside leather billet keeper optional.

English- £200.00

Up to 50"

Stainless steel buckles & D-rings

Up to 3 accent colours.

Traditionally comes with basket weave design, but any design possible.

Dressage/ Endurance with leather buckle protectors and strap keeper, D rings included,  Brass name plate- £200.00

Any length, stainless steel buckles only.

Up to three accent colours.

Designs: Diamonds, Rectangles, Navajo design.

Buckle protectors and strap keepers on endurance girths as standard.

Main colours:

Accent Colours:


Any questions? Comments? Contact us:


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